History and Mission

Since its inception by Jacques Fortin in 1974, Quebec Amerique published over 2,000 titles. Literature, essays and encyclopedic Works are found side by side in its rich and varied catalog. With an impressive number of award-winning authors in its catalog and the exceptional quality of the Works it has published, Québec Amérique has shown unequivocally how committed and faithful it is to great literature. 

In 1989, in the wake of the success earned by the Visual Dictionary's first edition, the QA International (QAI) division is created. Renowned for its remarkable designs, eye-catching illustrations and solid content, QA international is now a leader when it comes to visually innovative reference content. Its outstanding visual dictionaries and reference guides are now sold in over 100 countries, in some 35 languages. With unequaled flair, the company has gone forward and successfully integrated state-of-the-art computer technologies in all elements of the publishing process, both for print and digital projects.