• The Gentle Wind
    The Gentle Wind

    Jean-François Beauchemin

    In the fall of 1971, a family that includes six feisty children and their parents lead a peaceful life in the country. The mother, who soon falls ill, receives tender consideration and enthusiastic care from the father and their loving children, who are both serious and light- hearted, introspective and expressive. Mixed into their account of this episode, prompted by misfortune and sorrow, are various events that have punctuated the recent history of Quebec and the world. As if the human adventure was in fact neither great nor small, but instead marked by facts, trends, and coincidences, either tragic or inconsequential, that ultimately form a necklace or a chain that represents this absurd and marvelous life that we all experience.

  • All Our Disappearances
    All Our Disappearances

    Catherine Larochelle

    Lucie fakes her own kidnapping in an attempt to reunite her family and bring back her father, who spends half his time in Paris without ever revealing the real reason why. Her plan goes awry, but through the lies that no longer fool anyone, numerous secrets come to light.

  • A Window to Escape Through
    A Window to Escape Through

    Madeleine Allard

    Eight-year-old Lucie is terrified as she watches the women in her life change, falling prey to a mysterious Rage. This includes her sister Suzanne and her damned adolescence; her grandmother, the Old Nag who tortures them by way of shepherd’s pie and baloney sandwiches; and in particular, her mother, who vainly searches for ways to escape her own unhappiness and who, perhaps, will end up leaving. Agitated by the constant anxiety that keeps her from sleeping, Lucie tries to understand what is happening around her and to salvage what she can of her life.

  • July Is not a Perennial
    July Is not a Perennial

    Gabrielle Delamer

    One July evening, Marilyne receives a call from someone from her past, someone who reminds her of one summer during her adolescence, back when she played in a group. The summer when everything changed. And more than 20 years later, it seems that there is still tension in the air and conflicts to resolve.

  • Making Romance
    Making Romance

    Sarah-Maude Beauchesne

    In this deeply personal narrative, author and screenwriter Sarah- Maude Beauchesne opens up more than ever before. In a heartfelt exploration of her innermost desires and needs, she tries to answer the most fundamental of all questions: Will I become a mother?

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