• Young Adventurers Series
    Young Adventurers Series

    YOUNG ADVENTURERS, a collection of non-fiction for 4-to-8-year-olds, is a spectacular dive into the world of knowledge. These nonfiction titles invite children to explore and learn through full-page illustrations and engaging and exciting text.

    Let’s Explore Space!

    Let’s go into the vastness of outer space! It’s full of wonders:

    • colourful planets,
    • long-haired comets, • far-off galaxies,
    • and many others...

    It’s up to you to discover them all!

    Let’s Explore the Ocean!

    Ready for a new adventure?

    Let’s dive into the ocean, which hides a thousand treasures:

    • luminous fish,
    • giants of the depths, • sea unicorns,
    • and many others...

    It’s up to you to discover them all

    English Samples available

  • A House of My Own - A child's introduction to mindfulness
    A House of My Own - A child's introduction to mindfulness

    Dr. Amélie Veilleux

    “Imagine what the world could look like if every child was given the tools to navigate their emotions and reduce anxiety levels, just as they’re taught how to brush their teeth each night.”

    Child psychiatrist Amélie Veilleux aims to equip parents with such a toolkit in this practical guide to mindfulness. The book presents concrete tips and simple explanations across nine themes that include strategies for breathing, managing emotions, and expressing gratitude. Each theme is paired with a guided audio meditation and story illustrated by Catherine Bard. The perfect tool to introduce children to the world of mindfulness.

  • Adopted Teenagers - Coping better with the adopted child's adolescence
    Adopted Teenagers - Coping better with the adopted child's adolescence

    Johanne Lemieux

    Are you already the parent of an adopted adolescent or young adult or are you about to become one? Do you want to better understand and learn to distinguish between the issues specific to a “basic model” adolescent or young adult and those that fall within the adoptive norm? Are you looking ahead to this period with enthusiasm or anxiety, or a combination of the two? Do you want to go through this phase in the most satisfying and pleasant way possible? Are you currently facing painful challenges and are seeking answers or pathways to solutions? In short, do you hope to increase your knowledge to better accompany your adopted adolescent into adulthood?

    This third book in the Adopteparentalité collection is made just for you. It will provide the information, knowhow, and especially the life skills you need to continue your adoption adventure. In this work, you’ll find the latest scientific data, practical advice, and the empirical synthesis of three decades of work with adoptive families and with adopted children, teens, and adults.

  • Floramama

    Chloé Roy

    Anyone can grow beautiful flowers for lovely bouquets, whether you have a large field in the country, a small backyard, a plot in a community garden, or even a small apartment balcony.

    Chloé Roy owns the flower farm Floramama and is a proponent of the “slow flower” movement promoting the principles of sustainable farming. Now a book, Floramama aims to introduce her passion to a wider audience. Roy familiarizes readers with the different types of flowers and presents techniques for preparing soil, planning seed beds, growing, and cutting in addition to tips for creating eye-catching bouquets.

    Featuring magnificent photographs on every page, the book offers readers a step-by-step guide into the process of growing flowers—for projects of any scale ranging from the personal to the professional.

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