• Möbius Series
    Möbius Series

    The environment is a greater source of global concern today than ever before. In order to protect it, we must understand what is threatening its delicate balance.

    WASTE pollutes and devastates our environment. Where does it come from? What is it made of? What can we do to reduce or eliminate waste completely?

    WATER is an essential substance for all living beings. That’s why it’s known as “blue gold.” Since the survival of every lifeform depends on it, what can we do to protect this valuable resource?

    FORESTS are habitats to a host of plants and animals. They are home to precious resources such as food, raw materials, medicines, and water.

    SOIL comprises all the rich earth that is under our feet. Soil can be dark or light, fine or grainy. Soil nourishes plants and provides a habitat for millions of living things.

  • The Visual Essentials
    The Visual Essentials

    Available in a convenient on-the-go format, the Visual Essentials is particularly useful for travellers and newcomers who want to communicate quickly in another language. Divided into 12 short chapters, this dictionary presents common everyday objects from food to clothing, transportation to communication.

    The essentials, curated just for you!

  • Fully Loaded - Solutions and recipes to load up on energy
    Fully Loaded - Solutions and recipes to load up on energy

    Hubert Cormier

    Scientific information explaining how food supplies the human body with energy as well as tips and tricks to boost your energy levels throughout the day!

    Scientific demystification: Key concepts on food and energy clearly explained through texts, tables and graphs.

    A practical guide: A colourful and playful layout that contributes to making the information accessible and reader-friendly.

    Energizing recipes: 25 perfectly balanced recipes to ensure maximum energy. Recipes are accompanied by their detailed nutritional values.

  • On Fire!
    On Fire!

    Manon Lapierre

    Gastronomic dinner on the campfire: an impossible thing? Not for Manon Lapierre –aka La petite bette! This is the mission impossible that she has set herself in this brand new book. From the perfect campfire steak to a salmon filet on a log and gourmet aperitifs, she presents us with a multitude of ideas to FINALLY eat well while camping. With its cooking, planning and organizing tips, On Fire! is the perfect book to prepare for your gourmet getaways. In a trailer, a tent, on the go, in a cottage or even in the backyard, both beginner and savvy campers will relish these delicious ready-in-no-time recipes.

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