• Miniminimenu

    Jens Ruoff - Chef

    Elizabeth Delage - Photographer

    Jeanne Joly - Art Director

    MiniMiniMenu is a collection of playful cookbooks for kids that is set to take off this fall with the release of its first three volumes: 

    I’m Cooking Dinner!

    I’m Packing a Picnic!

    I’m Making Breakfast! 

    All recipes are designed for children and feature illustrations of ingredients and tools, simple instructions and colourful photos. It’s the perfect recipe to foster independence and creativity while teaching kids lifelong skills!

    • Created for and tested by kids.

    • A playful, unique concept made from high quality materials.

    • Illustrations help kids of all ages to understand and learn.

    • Washable pages that fold out.

    • Clear and simple instructions to foster independence.

  • Incredible Body Series
    Incredible Body Series

    Incredible Body is voyage into the interior of our organism that emphasizes the extraordinary feats that it accomplishes on a daily basis. 

    THE HUMAN BODY includes all the organs that make you a person. Your organs belong to specialized teams called “functions” or “systems.” Each one plays a specific role that is essential to the proper functioning of the body. 

    DIGESTION is the path food follows in your digestive system. When you eat, it goes to work. It digests and absorbs the nutrients found in your food, providing you with the materials and the energy required for growing, moving, thinking . . . Why do you have to eat vegetables? And why do you sometimes get a stomach-ache? 

    THE BRAIN is your command centre. As head of the nervous system, it receives, sorts, and analyzes information coming from inside and outside your body, in addition to making you breathe, move, think, feel, grow . . . Your brain is at work every minute, day and night! What exactly does it do? What does it need to function properly? 

    English samples available

  • Hop into the Wok!
    Hop into the Wok!

    Christina Potvin and Quy Tâm Vo 

    Hop into the Wok! is now a cookbook! The creators of the popular YouTube channel, Christina Potvin and Quy Tâm Vo, are taking the fusion of their cultures and passion for Asian cuisine a step further by publishing 90 of their top recipes.

    The cookbook captures the same mix of accessibility and authenticity that proved key to the pair’s online success. They use simple language to demystify basic ingredients and teach essential skills such as how to combine flavours, use a wok and much more.

    Hop into the Wok! is a gold mine of information, advice and inspiration for anyone looking to prepare authentic Asian cuisine that’s bursting with flavour.

    • Authentic Asian dishes made easy

    • Family-friendly recipes

    • The basics of Asian cooking demystified

    • A pairing of cultures that makes an exotic cuisine more accessible

    • A fun coffee table book that is sure to catch eye 

  • The Art of Taking the Best Pictures With Your Cell Phone
    The Art of Taking the Best Pictures With Your Cell Phone

    Alexandre Champagne

    Alexandre Champagne is back with a second edition of his popular guide The Art of Taking the Best Pictures With Your Cell Phone.

    With technology advancing at breakneck speed, this updated edition includes the latest apps and must-have features in addition to an all-new chapter about phone accessories and a host of never-before-seen photos.

    Packed with Champagne’s pro tips and tricks, the guide is back by popular demand after four years and 20,000 copies sold.

    • An updated edition of a guide that remains very popular 4 years after its initial publication

    • A popular author who is already well known for his work with Three Times a Day

    • Around 250,000 followers on social media

    • Access to a range of pro tips and tricks

    • All-new photos highlight the various tools and finishes available

    • A humorous, easy-to-use guide 

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