• Let's Learn About the Weather
    Let's Learn About the Weather

    YOUNG ADVENTURERS, a collection of non-fiction for 4+, is a spectacular dive into the world of knowledge. These nonfiction titles invite children to explore and learn through full-page illustrations and engaging and exciting text.

    In the sky, the weather has a thousand surprises for you:

    -clouds of every shape and size,

    -flashes of light,

    -swirling winds,

    -and so much more...

    It’s up to you to discover them all!

  • A House of My Own - A child's introduction to mindfulness
    A House of My Own - A child's introduction to mindfulness

    Dr. Amélie Veilleux

    “Imagine what the world could look like if every child was given the tools to navigate their emotions and reduce anxiety levels, just as they’re taught how to brush their teeth each night.”

    Child psychiatrist Amélie Veilleux aims to equip parents with such a toolkit in this practical guide to mindfulness. The book presents concrete tips and simple explanations across nine themes that include strategies for breathing, managing emotions, and expressing gratitude. Each theme is paired with a guided audio meditation and story illustrated by Catherine Bard. The perfect tool to introduce children to the world of mindfulness.

  • Bouquets - Tips and Tricks from a Florist
    Bouquets - Tips and Tricks from a Florist

    Myriam Binette

    What should I do to keep my cut flowers looking pretty as long as possible? Should I put cold or lukewarm water in the vase? And how much: fill to the top or just the bottom of the vase? How should I trim the stems so that they can get all the water they need? What kinds of flowers can be dried? Which ones are easy to grow at home?

    You’ll find the answers to your questions in this splendid book. Florist Myriam Binette has assembled, according to each species, all her tips gained through experience and drawn from a life spent among the flowers. A full-colour work from us to you, offered like the most beautiful of bouquets!

  • Baloney - Charcuteries, Preserves, and more
    Baloney - Charcuteries, Preserves, and more

    Jean-Simon Petit

    Baloney is much more than a cookbook for sausages and preserves—it’s an homage to Quebec’s quality local products, sharing, and collaboration.

    Renowned chef Jean-Simon Petit takes readers behind the scenes of artisanal charcuterie—fresh chorizo, wild game terrine, rustic bresaola, coffee- infused sausages, duck confit, wild mushroom preserves, and much more! Developed to prevent food waste, each recipe uses each product to its full potential. Baloney is a remarkable achievement that depicts an inspiring way of life.

    Over 70 original recipes that offer a sustainable model for people who don’t want to stop eating meat.

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