• Novice

    Stéphane Dompierre

    When eleven hip, ultra-connected young adults register for the Zero G tech-free camp, they will be surprised to discover just how deep their grieving process can go. Nothing could have prepared them for the radical week-long weaning regimen they are expected to follow: an almost full-blown search and seizure reinforces the total ban on social media and online presence.

    As they discover monstrous works of art scattered about their cabins and the first campers begin to go missing, it becomes clear that something is not right at Woodland Lake. Faced with hostile neighbours, a harsh environment, and an anonymous killer, will they be quick-witted and resourceful enough to survive the threat that is dogging their every move?

    Structured like a slasher movie, Novice subverts the horror genre to produce the kind of scathing, brilliant, and indulgent social criticism we didn’t know we needed until reading it. 

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  • I Will Dig Up my Father
    I Will Dig Up my Father

    Catherine Larochelle

    Twenty-nine-year-old Charlie learns that she is dying of cancer. She has no time to waste; her to-do list is a mile long. When Charlie decides to embark on a journey towards forgiveness and grief, she is accompanied by the brother she hates, her cheeky best friend, the ghost of her father, her over-the-top mother, and the boyfriend she suspects still holds the perfume of another woman in his lungs 

  • Murray Bay
    Murray Bay

    Céline Beaudet

    Pointe-au-Pic, July 1, 1910. The tourist season is in full swing and the Brockwell family has just stepped o the St. Irénée, a luxury ship that is part of the “white boats” cruise circuit operating on the Saint Lawrence River. Fleeing the heat of New York City, the family returns every summer to the sumptuous villas and the industrious French Canadians. There is Alice, the disillusioned matriarch; Edwin and Irene, the older children wary of any threat to their privilege and sliding morals; and Elizabeth, the young suffragist. Another vacation in Murray Bay, an oasis that exists only for the happy few.

    In the commotion of disembarkation, a passenger notices that his colleague, a lawyer working for the Charlevoix MP, hasn’t gotten off the boat. The man is found dead in his cabin, bathed in blood. It looks like a murder, perhaps even part of a larger plot. A detective is sent from Montreal to get to the bottom of things.

    The situation heats up quickly as the fight for modernity clashes with a desire to preserve this “ideal world.” The Brockwells are caught up in the turmoil. Like Murray Bay itself, is their family simply a mirage on the verge of disappearing? 

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  • Targets

    Andrée A. Michaud

    Childhood friends Abe, Jude and Alex have been dreaming of camping in the wild for ages. But danger lurks among the trees. At first, the signs are subtle: suspicious noises, muffled footsteps, the vague impression they are being watched. The teens get a few goosebumps, try to reassure one another, and even poke fun at the situation. But things go completely awry when a madman jumps out from the woods and threatens them at gunpoint. No one will make it out unscathed.

    Using narration that alternates between the victims and their malicious executioner, Michaud deftly reveals how the killing spree brings this small, tightly woven community to its knees. 

    English sample available on demand

  • A World without Mothers
    A World without Mothers

    Claude-Emmanuelle Yance

    Poignant and cruel, yet surprising and hopeful, A World Without Mothers offers a reconciliation between mother and daughter, as well as a reconciliation with oneself. 

    “What did you do with your mother to get through life?” is the question driving this novel. Because everyone—or almost everyone— has mother issues. These are Noémie’s, the woman with the cold heart, torn between an absent daughter and a crazy mother. 

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