• Backlash

    Marie Laberge

    The author uses irresistible pacing to deliver another poignant slice of humanity, relying on the magnetic voice that has helped cement her place among the greatest writers of our time.

    It takes less than a minute to end three lives with an assault weapon. In the wake of the killing, time stumbles forward for the victims’ loved ones. Stunned and overwhelmed, everyone struggles in their own manner. A part of them has been killed, yet they are still alive. Amidst the backlash, the reasons that led to the massacre matter less than the torn fabric of life that must be stitched back together— in spite of the tears, the desire to withdraw from the world, the brother who is now a murderer. Because the family of a killer also bears the scars of the attack. Sometimes, courage comes in the form of just getting through each day, of fighting and enduring, of drawing strength from those we miss the most. 

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  • The Parallel Hours
    The Parallel Hours

    Arianne Bessette

    Bill and Marion, neighbours who seem to have nothing in common, are both struggling to contain the violence upending their lives.

    The reclusive Marion spends her days in her magnificent Montreal condo, paralyzed by the fear that haunts her mind and body. She pours her suffering onto the pages of a secret diary in an attempt to understand what holds her prisoner. Is it because she stayed? Or because she came back when she could have left? Or is it because she accorded Jean-François’s love every right that hers was forced to forgive?

    Bill, an itinerant scrap metal dealer, has picked up and moved—jobs and cities—looking to trade his past for a fresh start. Mostly, to stay out of trouble. But when he crosses paths with Marion, he recognizes in her a familiar fear that will haunt his days. So begins a quest to help this neighbour he barely knows. Beautifully written, this thrilling, intriguing novel will leave no one unmoved.

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  • Highlands

    Fanie Demeule

    A doctoral student, a mother, a survivor. All trekking across the hostile terrain of the Scottish Highlands, a journey that challenges and exalts, that breaks spirits and frees minds. In this place truth is paramount, and the women will be forced to face their fears and their ghosts. Though they have never met, a strange, subtle force will bring them together somewhere in the mountains of the Northwest.

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  • Rebel Body - Reflections on Fatphobia
    Rebel Body - Reflections on Fatphobia

    Gabrielle Lisa Collard

    Rebel Body is comprised of texts published on the popular anti-fatphobia blog Dix Octobre in addition to previously unreleased content. Using humour and vulnerability, combined with great aplomb, Rebel Body examines life from the perspective of a fat person and describes the quest for happiness by those whose bodies—both invisible and too visible—are perceived as public enemy number one.

  • We Can't Do Anything Anymore
    We Can't Do Anything Anymore

    Judith Lussier

    After tackling the “social justice warrior”, Judith Lussier turns to the cancel culture. In the era of #metoo and social networks, what are the impacts of denunciations on cultural works and their celebrities? Listing many evocative, modern-day examples from North America and Europe, here is a brilliant and nuanced essay that dissects with rigour a major and unprecedented contemporary phenomenon.

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