• Green as Hell
    Green as Hell

    Isabelle Grégoire

    It’s the 1980s. Hoping to forget a painful betrayal, Alice goes off on an adventure to the Amazon jungle. In Québec City, 30 years later, Flora tries to uncover the truth about her origins. Might a dark mystery link these two women? 

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  • Take a Deep Breath
    Take a Deep Breath

    Geneviève Jannelle

    Anaïs should have listened to Eden and fled. But when you end up finding true love—the kind that everyone chases from bar to bar, the kind that you dream about when sleeping in a cold bed—it gets hard to give it up for the sake of a gloomy prophesy. Eden slowly becomes a prisoner of his own body, Anaïs the prisoner of this larger-than-life love that she cannot control. What else can you do but take a deep breath and take the plunge?

    The worst decisions are sometimes the ones we make for love. 

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  • The Befuddled Head
    The Befuddled Head

    Hélène Lapierre

    Like a tree whose leaves are falling one by one, Françoise is losing her memories, her bearings, her way, her words, her things. She’s easing into the winter of her life.

    She laughed about it at first: the lemons she put with the flour, the dirty glasses in the cupboard, the many small, miniscule things that she forgot, that she scattered along her way like so many crumbs. But she can no longer deny the presence of the disease and, despite the immense pain felt by those who love her, she decides not to fight back and to prepare her goodbyes. A novel as tender, fragile, and beautiful as a first snowfall. 

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  • Bittersweet -  Who benefits from our kindness?
    Bittersweet - Who benefits from our kindness?

    Véronique Alarie

    The word “kindness” has become a hashtag. While it has certainly inspired some to act with greater compassion, is it possible that others have adopted this trend in order to exploit it for their own purposes? Has its ubiquity contributed to the exertion of undue pressure on certain segments of the population that are already excessively solicited? 

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