• Secondary Characters
    Secondary Characters

    Jeanne Dompierre

    When Chrystelle Fournier disappears on a December night, the lives of the women around her are turned upside down. Her two childhood friends are haunted by fear, guilt, and painful memories, while her mother hides behind a wall of anger and bitterness. There’s also a somewhat surly waitress who would have preferred never to have gotten involved in all this and a young journalist who is well acquainted with sordid tales and dreams of making a name for herself in the world of true crime. They realize that violence is sometimes very close at hand.

  • They'll Get You in the End
    They'll Get You in the End

    Sébastien Diaz

    One day after a storm, a woman who had disappeared months earlier enters a small restaurant. She is in a terrible state. No one knows where she’s been, and the story she tells about an apocalyptic future seems to make no sense. But it has already been quite some time since Evil came and ruined our forests and cities. Since they screamed bloody murder, since they began to kill each other, since people were disappearing. And what if it’s just the pendulum swinging back the other way?

    From London to Acapulco, the destinies of several people become intertwined. Each one must struggle to save his own skin and escape the threat of the mysterious inscription that seems to appear just about every where: They’ll get you in the end.

  • Travelling Better - Is it really possible?
    Travelling Better - Is it really possible?

    Marie-Julie Gagnon

    Like so many other travellers, Marie-Julie Gagnon asks: How can we make better choices for the environment and see new places in a more ethical manner? Is it absolutely necessary to give up cruises, all-inclusives, overcrowded destinations, and koala bear hugs? And how do we ensure that we’re not making things worse while we’re trying to do better?

    Constantly torn between her desires and her conscience, she began a journey to explore these issues and many others as well. Here, she shares possible answers found during her research and her discussions with specialists from several disciplines.

  • It's All In Your Head - Why is women's pain minimized?
    It's All In Your Head - Why is women's pain minimized?

    Valérie Bidégaré

    Like so many other women, Valérie Bidégaré was told by her doctor that her pain was “all in her head” when in fact, it was her body that was ill. She had to suffer and struggle for years, do her own research, and insist until she finally was diagnosed and received treatment.

    Why is it that today, woman still have so much trouble being taken seriously and getting proper treatment when they suffer from gynecological diseases? Why are certain myths (that women are more emotional and less rational, that it’s normal to suffer during menstruation, etc.) so persistent? Why are so many doctors overwhelmed by the issues surrounding women’s health?

    In this very personal essay, the author tells her story and reaches out to a number of specialists in an attempt to answer these questions and propose potential solutions.

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