• A Sunday in the Rain
    A Sunday in the Rain

    Madeleine Allard

    Illustrations: Agathe Bray-Bourret

    It’s Sunday, it’s autumn, and it’s raining. Even Grigri has disappeared!

    The day could seem terribly long for Louise, Clovis and Marius, but as one activity leads to the next, the bad weather makes way for the sun, and day fades into night.

    After all, a long day of rain doesn’t have to be mundane!

    A story in which the sweetness of everyday life is accompanied by a welcome idleness. 


  • Digestion

    Incredible Body is a voyage into the interior of our organism that emphasizes the extraordinary feats that it accomplishes on a daily basis. 

    DIGESTION is the path food follows in your digestive system. When you eat, it goes to work. It digests and absorbs the nutrients found in your food, providing you with the materials and the energy required for growing, moving, thinking . . . Why do you have to eat vegetables? And why do you sometimes get a stomach-ache? 

    English sample available

  • Romane and the Emotis, 1- Rage
    Romane and the Emotis, 1- Rage

    Annie Bacon

    Illustrations: Geneviève Masson Bouchard

    Romane’s life drastically changes the night that a strange girl gives her a small chain with unusual powers. What purpose could this necklace serve? Apparently this is what a bird is about to tell her . . . wait . . . a talking bird? Romane’s life will definitely not be the same as it was before!

    Powerful emotions come to life and turn into dangerous creatures in this series featuring a fearless Grade 6 girl and her loyal friends. Only magic, adventure, and friendship will help reveal the missions entrusted to the new guardian !

    A series that combines novel and manga!

  • C.L.I.O.* My Augmented Reality
    C.L.I.O.* My Augmented Reality

    Fabrice Boulanger

    After a serious accident, Damien becomes the guinea pig in a ground-breaking science experiment. With protheses under his skin and highly improved glasses, this young paraplegic manages to make his body move and even returns to school. His current reality is, however, very different from what it once was. The artificial intelligence that makes all this possible is rather invasive, and the duo that “she” forms with Damien still has much to learn about creativity, social interactions, and the art of avoiding public embarrassment.

    How do we connect with others when technology comes between people?

    * Computer Learned Intelligence Operations 

    High interest subjects, low vocabulary (Hi-Lo literature)

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