• Quiet, Please!
    Quiet, Please!

    Andrée Poulin

    Illustrations: Audrey Malo

    Miss Annie is reading a story to the students in her class. But scarcely has she started a sentence when one child is thirsty, a second child bothers the girl next to him, and a third plays armchair quarterback. Will the teacher lose her patience? Will the children find out how the story ends?


  • Morane Loooooves to Talk!
    Morane Loooooves to Talk!

    Emilie Ouellette

    Illustrations: Lidia-Ntombo Lulendo

    Morane absolutely loves to talk! All the time! And often at the wrong time! She’s even convinced that it’s her fault the class has had so many new teachers since the beginning of the year. Will the latest replacement also run as soon as Morane opens her mouth? Luckily, Mrs. Dayani has plenty of good ideas . . .

  • Noah-Not-Allowed

    Nancy B. Pilon

    Illustrations: Marish Papaya

    Noah really wants to play with the toys intended for the little sister his family is expecting, but he’s told that those toys aren’t for him, that they’re meant for a little girl. Noah is devastated. Are there activities just for girls and others just for boys? Is he, in spite of everything, a “real” boy? What exactly does that mean?

  • One Step at a Time
    One Step at a Time

    Tania Boulet

    Brianne suffers from (another!) friendship breakup. Adrift, she lets her somewhat diet-obsessed mother convince her to join the school’s running club. There, she meets a very enthusiastic cultural life counsellor, a girl who constantly wants to talk to her, and Nick . . . the best-looking boy in school. And so? Brianne had decided that she was done with friends and that she could easily finish high school alone in her corner. But at each training session, by putting one foot in front of the other, Brianne realizes that against all odds, joining the running club was perhaps not the worst decision she’d made in her life . . .

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