• Pascal the Hair
    Pascal the Hair

    Élisabeth Brisset des Nos

    Illustrations: Julien Roudaut

    Pascal is sociable and open-minded; Pascal is also a hair… on a forearm! He likes to talk philosophy and try to understand the lives of the other hairs around him. When a back hair piques his curiosity, Pascal does everything he can to meet her. Such a robust, unexpected hair surely has lots of knowledge to share! This surprising book offers a unique way to learn about the function of body hair while laughing!

  • The Little Red-Nosed Queen
    The Little Red-Nosed Queen

    Frédérick Wolfe

    Illustrations: Maïlys Garcia

    One morning, the Queen’s nose turns an unusual colour—but her servant is determined not to let the difference affect her mistress. Day after day, they do everything they can to hide the truth from the Queen: cover the mirrors, convince the kingdom to sport red noses, paint red noses over all the portraits, wear a wooden nose… they even bring in Rudolph the reindeer to show off his own nose. It isn’t easy to conceal the truth, especially when it’s right in the middle of your face! But what if the solution has nothing to do with secrecy…?

  • Exit Innocence
    Exit Innocence

    Esther Croft

    Three lies in one sentence is a lot for one father. Sometimes I find myself lying, too. Especially at school. But I never said that even the best lies don’t change the truth.

    Over the course of eight caustic short stories, Esther Croft’s characters spread their wings and leave behind their childhood as reality comes knocking. Doors open, beliefs are shaken, and suddenly things like appearance, performance anxiety, and divorce are a big deal—along with hope, love, and trust. But time marches on, and it’s time to play in the big leagues.

  • Nano-Earth, 1-The Isle of Grey Tears
    Nano-Earth, 1-The Isle of Grey Tears

    Diane Bergeron

    It was a miracle. Nanotherapy could cure almost anything in an instant, without side effects. And it didn’t cost much. The problems didn’t appear until years later...

    In 2067, the nano-infected are forced to live on quarantine islands to limit the contagion. Among them is Mathianne, who has lived on Nano-Earth since childhood. After her mother dies, Mathianne must move to the city to live with her father, a scientist determined to find a cure for the contamination. Far from the people she loves and exiled from the mountains, Mathianne starts a new job just as a major crisis rocks the island. What is acceptable, and where do you draw the line? It isn’t easy to follow your heart in a world where “zero contact” is king and tears can bring death.

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